Health & Safety


Armin Rechberger, Health & Safety Manager

My name is Armin Rechberger and I've been working for BR International Consulting Services GmbH from the very beginning. Throughout this, I have seen and helped shape the company. After the management came to the decision that we need a certification for our company in the area of occupational safety and management systems, I have agreed to take on the role as a safety specialist or as an expert in the area of occupational safety. For this purpose, I completed the relevant training at AUVA from autumn 2018 to spring 2019. It is important to me that I pass on my factual knowledge in the area of occupational safety to our employees and also act as a role model in this area. As a result, the employees are sensitized in their thinking, the awareness of possible accidents at work is sharpened and sources of danger are recognized and reported more quickly.


Health & Safety Officer

As a safety specialist or Health & Safety Officer I am a preventive specialist. My job is to prevent work-related health hazards. This includes all health hazards that may arise in connection with work.